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KC News Features / Patricio H. Lazen
Published 01/09/2009 - 1:00 a.m. CDT

Jose Saenz has his sights set on the 2012 Olympics

By Patricio H. Lazen

A narrow door inconspicuously situated to the right of the main entrance, obscured some by its own lack of interest, and surrounded by a pile of janitorial equipment and supplies, serves as the only access to the basement that houses Whatsoever Boxing Club. The puny door is easy to miss as it stands next to the wide staircase that welcomes you to the Community Center.

Whatsoever Community Center, a non-profit agency, opened its doors as a soup kitchen back when the Great War was ravaging old Europe, and Isolationism was the national credo. It was the same year in which the Red Sox beat the Phillies in the World Series, and Jess Willard captured the heavyweight championship from the “Galveston Giant,” Jack Johnson.