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Metro Op-Ed / Anita Gadfly
Published 01/08/2010 - 2:08 a.m. CDT

By Anita Gadfly

 A small kerfluffle erupted online recently here in Kansas City about web traffic and whose is bigger.

 On December 26, 2009 Hearne Christopher posted this bit of braggadocio:

 “KCC launched late last February with just under 700 visitors to the spanking new site the first day. We wrapped up the month of November with a smidgen under 3 million hits for the month and a seven-day average of more than 99,000 hits a day. Not a bad beginning.”

 Comments to the posting questioned the numbers and another thread was started on a Gatewaycityradio message board (I didn’t know those still existed…) about it.  And Christopher responded:

"Hey guys, thanks for your expressions of support. And criticism.  Allow me to tell you that I would not put these numbers into print were they not accurate. There are a number of “sources” that attempt to measure - from the outside in - Web hits, etc. IT experts tell me they vary widely in accuracy. What does not vary is the actual measures that we get. They are accurate and EXACTLY as described.”

The problem is that Hearne Christopher did not “exactly describe” anything.