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Women Can Get Tips from Oprah's Team at Upcoming O You! Event in Kansas City

Are you a female with fashion, finance, fitness or some other faux pas? Not sure how to decorate, de-clutter or de-stress? If so, you're not alone. More than 4,000 Kansas City area women are expected to seek tips from Oprah's team of experts during a nationwide blitz scheduled for an Oct. 24 stop at the Kansas City Convention Center.

"Live Your Best Life" is coming to town courtesy of corporate sponsors and the main impetus, O Magazine, which is dubbing the show O You! Much like the magazine's mission of encouraging confident, intelligent women to strive toward life-fulfilling dreams, the interactive event will feature lifestyle-enhancing seminars designed to inspire, encourage, empower and entertain. Oprah's team of experts, many who've become household names by offering advice on Oprah's television show and in the pages of O Magazine, will lead the seminars. The magazine is a co-venture between Hearst Magazines, a division of the Hearst Corporation, and Harpo Print. Visit www.oyouonline.com for tickets, which are $99.

The list of experts includes Gayle King, editor-at-large at O Magazine; life coach and best-selling author Martha Beck; Nate Berkus, interior design expert; Donna Brazile, political strategist and author; Ross Burton, make-up expert; contributing editor Jancee Dunn; fitness and weight loss expert Jim Karas; fashion expert Stacy London; Emmy Award-winning television host and finance columnist Suze Orman; Dr. Mehmet Oz, health expert and cardiothoracic surgeon; and organizational management expert Peter Walsh.

For Gayle King, the event will be something of a homecoming. King began a career in broadcast journalism at a Kansas City television station and vividly remembers this city for its barbecue, donuts and underrated appeal.

"It (Kansas City) is a lot more sophisticated than people understand," King said in an interview."I can't wait. I'm only there for two days, so I have lots to do," she said, of hitting her favorite restaurants.

Finance guru Suze Orman will share money management tips. While financial issues may seem especially timely, given our nation's economic crisis, Orman said on the phone that finances are always a hot topic. "The truth of the matter is, it's always timely," she said. "The time of money is every single moment of every single day."

Orman said although finances play a vital role in women's lives, women don't treat money with the proper respect.

"Everything we do is attached to money in a very integral way," she said. "There's nothing we do that doesn't touch money."

Attendees who expect Orman to deliver a prompted, scripted, pre-rehearsed speech will be surprised. When asked how her topic will be approached, Orman said she won't know until she arrives and has a chance to meet the audience.

"I never plan a talk," she explained. "I'm not one of those speakers that walks in...and assumes to know what the audience needs to hear."

Whatever the form, she hopes her talk will leave women feeling "more powerful, more capable and more independent." If that happens, Orman said, the goal will have been met-- women emerging with a plan of action to take control of their finances and their futures.

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