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Blunt can't escape responsibility Democrats say
Congressman Roy Blunt


By Ryan Hobar
Communications Director,
Missouri Democratic Party

FLASHBACK – “There’s Nothing That Happens in Congress That Roy Blunt Isn’t a Major Architect of.”

Jefferson City, MO -- Seven years ago today, shortly after Roy Blunt’s election as majority whip, George Bush’s political director Ken Mehlman told the Kansas City Star that “there’s nothing that happens in Congress that Roy Blunt isn’t a major architect of.” [Kansas City Star, 11/30/02]

Even way back then, according to the Star, Congressman Roy Blunt had already “mastered the game” of DC power politics by being an “inside player” and “twisting arms to prevent party defections.”
Congressman Roy Blunt – father of former Missouri Governor Matt Blunt – represents Southwest Missouri in the U.S. House of Representatives. During the Bush administration, he was a Republican leader in congress and Tom Delay’s right hand man.

“Congressman Blunt can try to reinvent himself all he wants,” said Brian Zuzenak, Executive Director of the Missouri Democratic Party.

“But whether it's giving special favors to corporate lobbyists or ramming through President Bush's disastrous economic policies, Missourians can see the terrible results of his record for themselves."

And unfortunately for Missourians, Mr. Mehlman’s words are all too true today. Congressman Roy Blunt is still one of the most powerful members of Congress and still must be held responsible for taking our country in the wrong direction.

• Rampant Culture of Corruption: According to one report, Blunt ‘passionately embraced the corrupted culture of the Washington, DC lobbying world.’ According to the Washington Post, Blunt created a “political machine” that extended “deep into Washington’s K Street lobbying community.” [Washington Post, 5/17/05]

• More Big Government: Blunt helped pass legislation characterized as the “largest expansion of the welfare state since President Johnson’s Great Society.” [New England Journal of Medicine, 7/23/09]

• Ballooning Deficits & Reckless Pork Barrel Spending: The Springfield News Leader said Blunt “was one of the leaders in a Republican Congress that allowed earmarks to get out of control during an era of no accountability.” [Springfield News-Leader, 6/16/07]

Congressman Blunt’s record in Washington speaks for itself. He represents more of the same, which works well for corporations and lobbyists but not the people of Missouri.

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