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Letter to readers

Dear readers,

The staff of the Kansas City Tribune would like to apologize for recent delays in the publication of our weekly. Sadly, we must announce that our Publisher, Editor-in-Chief and founder Thomas J. Bogdon, has taken ill and will be on an indefinite leave-of-absence. Mr. Bogdon is currently being treated at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

The staff wishes Tom the best, and is hopeful for a full and speedy recovery.

The Kansas City Tribune will resume publishing on January 1st, 2010, under the direction of Interim Managing Editor Daniel Starling, who is also a columnist for the Tribune.

Tom would like to thank all of our readers from around the Kansas City area for their years of support of “the Trib” and believes, as we do, the best is yet to come.

We hope that all of our readers enjoy a joyous and prosperous New Year!


The Tribune Staff

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