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Dark Romance One

A lost Mystery is in the bowels of the following house:

She pulls her mouth off his neck and inhales what oxygen is left in the crawlspace. He loves tight spaces. She lives for them.

“Give me your hand!”

He unhinges his wrist from the anaconda grip he has on her naked upper thigh and gives it to her without reserve. She puts his ring finger in her mouth, lolling her tongue around it so the spit drains efficiently down her throat. Breathing hard, she drives further into what she hopes is ahearty soul.

The oxygen is converting quickly, the heat trapping them in a blind bubble. Up could be down. Sideways, always happening.Moisture ebbs and flows from their membranes, combining, recombining, and returning to the source. She devours him, dissolving his weaker mouth into a curling, wet stargazer lily.

“Return the light to me!”

She screams a slow-rolling, wet whisper into his face. He takes a breath, throwing his pillowing lips and tiring tongue into her collarbone. He stabs his hand under the back of her white button-up cotton shirt, straining to hang on to her black-hole comet of energy.

She can live on this adrenaline. He needs to be trained.

She will train him, but first she must shock him.

Letting him breathe for a microsecond, she dives under his side, her teeth rip a chattered staircase up his ribs. She chews on the side of his peck, ratcheting up his energy. Licking her way across the lower delt, she threatens him with the path she has taken.


Wrapping her foot around his leg, she attempts to elongate his body in the hole.


She bites up his neck to the nova spot on his back, pinning him under her body. He screams in suspension. His nerves fire jellyfish trails in a deep sea thermal pocket. The house eats the sound like a whale sifting krill.

He looks down at his phosphorescent veins, elated and terrified.

“What are you?!”

“I am the ghost of your blood path,” she says, unhooking her leg from around him and snuggling into the aura of his open light paths.

“What am I?” he shrieks, staring at the body.

“You are changed.”

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