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Do You Believe?

If you hate my column, here’s some more ammo.

I have been psychic for as long as I can remember. One day, when I was three years old, I was riding in the car with my dad on the way back from the market along the coast of Aruba.

“Ship!” I said, pointing at the harbor.

The ocean liner, Queen Elizabeth, was burning in the harbor. I looked down at the fish in a paper bag in the front floorboard.

“Teeth,” I said to myself, moving my feet back a little.

“What ship, honey?”

“That ship!” I pointed. He kept driving, focusing on the bikinis as we rolled past the placid water.

This mystery of the burning ship plagued me until a month ago. (I was never near a computer when the plaguing happened until then.) I looked up the Queen Elizabeth, and lo and behold, it had burned up in a harbor in Hong Kong…two years after my vision.

So what? Coincidence, false memory, transferred image from a newscast I saw two years later, hallucination, etc. are all possible explanations for my vision. Who cares about such an un-Titanic ship anyway?

I do. It was real, I swear. I am of the belief that every single person ever born is psychic. I study the phenomenon from as many different angles as I can. I dream like crazy and a few of my dreams have been premonitory. I get excited when something like that happens. I can’t understand why everyone isn’t excited about it.

There are a host of naysayers in my life, and they make it known pretty frequently that they absolutely do NOT believe. I do know a few engineers, however, who experience psychic energy pretty regularly and tell me about it because I’m the only person they know who won’t laugh in their face.

One of the nonbelievers asked me the other day why I don’t try it out on the lottery. Mostly, it’s because it is kind of un-cool in the psychic world to do that. I did, however, ask the Universe if it were okay to try it out on a slot machine last week. I got “approval” from the Other Side and found a slot machine with an aura that promised a little bit of a payout. (Machines have auras, too, believe it or not.) I played the machine and won. I walked away having netted $9 and was happy with it.

I’m not sure I want to push my luck in that arena, though. I am not rich and could use the money, but I’m sure enough that the Karma Slap might knock me into 2012 that I don’t care to mess with it too much. Besides, I have heard that many lottery winners end up right back where they started, or further back, after pissing everyone off and snorting their way to heaven.

Psychic events happen every day, to everyone. You just have to train yourself what to look for and meditate a lot. So, if you thought I was a crackpot before, this column should prove that even more.

By the way, someone in your family is going to…

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