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“No, don’t take ‘em off, leave ‘em on…leave ‘em on.”

He came out the side door of the veterinary clinic, chucking a pile of dog food bags into the dumpster. He was wearing French blue scrubs with the name “Drew” embroidered on the patch on the top right of his shirt. The top grazed his pecs, creating a detached triangle that carried the rest of the fabric down past his tight abdominals. He wouldn’t look at me, intent on getting back to work.

“Will you be operating on my dog?” I asked, cracking his silent varnish.

“Buster? No, ma’am, I’m a tech. I will be assisting in the operation. Don’t worry, though, Dr. Scott has done a million of these,” he said, gently laying a hand on my arm.

A tingle traveled up my arm causing my hidden body parts to respond. Luckily, women’s naughties are not as obvious when they are twanged. If I were a guy, I would have pitched a tent for sure.

He smiled and walked back in the clinic. I followed, watching as the gathered cotton material grazed his back end. I wanted to throw him onto an exam table and jump his bones. Drew disappeared through the door where Buster was waiting to be removed from his testicles. I hated the idea of dampening someone’s manhood, even a dog’s, but it had to be done. I didn’t want to be responsible for knocking up someone else’s dog, especially if it were a Chihuahua. Buster is a Great Dane. She might explode.

I peeked through the window as Dr. Scott did her thing. I wonder if she enjoys truncating a dog’s sexuality. I think not. She does this for almost no money and handles each dog with such care.

I tried not to focus on my Dane’s discomfort, though I knew he was on some good drugs at the moment and couldn’t feel a thing. My eyes wandered down to thetech’s back nine. I wanted to rip the scrubs off and take him right there, even if Dr. Scott were watching. I could feel my hands wandering up the front of his shirt, sliding along the hills and valleys created by his washboard abs.

“Oh!” I hear him say through the door as Dr. Scott grabs his butt after finishing with Buster.

Did I just witness sexual harassment? I wanted to go in there and give Dr. Scott a piece of my mind and get my dog out of such a hostile work environment, but Drew grabbed her butt, too. Damn!

I had to leave Buster for a few hours before I could take him home. After filling out some paperwork, I passed the break room on the way out ofthe clinic. I knew that was where Doc and Drew would take off their scrubs after they finished work and she would get to see that magnificent body in the flesh. I wasn’t jealous, but for the first time, I wanted a job wearing a uniform.

Then the big question hit me, would they let me keep Buster’s balls?

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