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Liars And The Liars Who Lie To Them
Paul Gauguin: Eve - Don't Listen to the Liar (1889, Watecolor and paste)

It was spectacular.

Speaker Pelosi just couldn’t believe it.

“You lie!” exploded from the right. No, wait, all heads turned left.

Even the President looked and paused.

Then he continued “It’s not true”. But it’s not clear if the milder version of “You lie” (i.e. “It’s not true) was part of the speech or in response to the Congressman’s bad behavior.

So, there was no real extemporaneous oratorical flourish to answer the rude outburst and the President continued on as Pelosi continued to stare, her jaw hanging open, astounded. Like Super Nanny about to set things straight, but no microphone was pinned to her bosom. One sensed, though, that she probably sat on a paddle.

Millions at home also sat gaping at their screens thinking: what just happened? That never happens! And, what happens now?

“No, it’s the Republicans who are liars.” too many of you likely shouted to no one in particular and, yes, by the next morning it had all been clumsily “dealt with”. The news shows wouldn’t stop talking about it but the Congressman had apologized to the President for his lack of civility, God was back in his Heaven and the Republicans were all still lying wackos.

But wait.

Hadn’t the President just called that half of the room liars himself on the subject of so-called end-of-life counseling panels or whatever you choose to call them if it empowers your argument? Yes, you still have that right of free speech.

Many thoughtful Americans indeed had found flaws in that somewhat sticky section of the proposed health care solutions bill which hasn’t yet been proposed as a bill. The looming bill that still has “some significant details to be ironed out,” (Chuckle, chuckle) and how were those Americans served by the President when he read from his teleprompter that all their concerns were reduced to “A lie. Plain and simple.”?

One thing is very clear. Liars should not call liars liars.

Also, too, the rhetorical skills of the President and his speech writers are clearly most impressive.

But those skills are topped by their demagoguery when they accuse elected officials who thoughtfully disagree with their health care plan (which has yet to become a bill and which still has “some significant details to be ironed out”) liars.

No, the dishonorable Congressman was not, in fact, the first to hurl such an insult. He was only the first to do it spectacularly. Yes, our political landscape has for far too long resembled a romper room of adolescent children hurling the “You’re a liar” accusation.

It’s already been repeated ad nauseam.

“You lie!” “No, you lie!” “No, you do!” “No, you do!”

WANTED: Super Nanny.

And finally, last night it came to that. A fantastic, public slap followed by a thwack from the Super Nanny’s paddle on a soft Congressional bottom and, here, we should all at least agree that this status quo is not anywhere near acceptable.

Then, almost laughably, calls for civility which had been penned into the President’s speech were read from the teleprompter…bipartisanship, too. But you can count both among the health care casualties as long as such threats as “we will call you out” stumble from the President’s eloquent lips. Threats clearly aimed at elected officials who have the temerity to disagree.

Don’t even try to argue that he was only talking about distortions because, then, it’s clear you’ve only been sucked in by Obamafications.

And, speaking of distortions, the President’s “open door” is also a charade as long as he is ready to scare Americans with accusations that those with different government philosophies advocate “doing nothing” when it comes to health care reform.

That is simply not true and he is a big old fat liar.

Okay, okay, let’s just call him a pretty fancy talker.

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Added: September 11, 2009. 11:15 AM CDT
Ruminations on prevarications
Nancy Pelosi reminded me of Captain Renault saying, “I’m shocked. Shocked, that gambling is going on” as he stuffed his winnings in his tunic. The senate floor is the proving grounds for long range prevarications. Joe Wilson’s comment was a brief bit of humanity in a Obama’s teleprompted kabuki play. Obama’s lies are elaborate and rich, filled with plausible deniability, obfustication, omission, selective truths, qualified half-truths all scripted then delivered with crisp sincerity. It was refreshing to hear the simple two word exclamation from the everyday Joe, “you lie”.
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